Next Level


  • Audience: Shell franchisees
  • Next Level boxes: 175
  • Produced layers: 1225

Shell Next Level

Can giveaways still be renewing? To encourage dealers to invest in a future without fossil fuels, the Royal Dutch Shell organised an event where dealers could get informed about the different concepts Shell offers to steer their businesses into a new direction. It was important to Shell that all information provided was attractively presented, in order to create warm leads. Furthermore, Shell wanted to show its appreciation for its dealers by giving them a small present. We created Shell Next Level - an experience box that does all of the above. 

The box immediately captures the imagination. It’s made of durable cardboard and has a shiny top coat. When taking the lid off, you quickly find out that the box contains seven layers, each describing an investment concept. This information is accompanied by a giveaway that fits the theme of the concept. For example, one of the concepts, describing the advantages of installing a charging station for electric vehicles, is accompanied by a power bank. This gift fits the theme of the concept. Curiosity to find out what the next gift will be ensures that every concept receives equal attention from the reader, and because of the surprise effect the message is branded into the minds of Shell’s dealers. 

Shell Next Level has turned out to be a strong campaign, in which traditional giveaways are used in a renewing way.