Salvation Army
Annual Report


  • Audience: Employees, social partners and interested parties
  • Copies: 1000 year
  • Content: 53 articles

Salvation Army Annual Report

Does an annual report become more readable when it’s well designed? The Salvation Army, of the Northern Dutch Division, believes so. Every year they celebrate their social successes in a report for their stakeholders. The Salvation Army approached us to design this report in such a way that it becomes inviting to read. So we did! 

The Salvation Army puts people first. People who, through circumstances, have slipped down the social ladder are helped back up by people with a strong desire to do their bit for society. The Salvation Army’s approach is personal and sincere - two values on which we’ve based our design. To make the stories personal and relatable, we’ve used close up images of both clients and employees. Throughout the booklet you can find flowing forms and handwritten fonts, which give the report a friendly feel. The returning use its logo and red colour leave no room for doubt that this is a product of the Salvation Army. 

The result is a colourful booklet, which is inviting and readable to all stakeholders. And that’s exactly what the Salvation Army wanted to achieve.