Kunst & Cultuur
website and corporate identity

Kunst & Cultuur: website & corporate identity 

Kunst & Cultuur (Art & Culture) is a trust that enables the development of art and culture in the north of the Netherlands. It's a very diverse organisation; they excel at art project management, encourage the continuation of cultural education in the classroom, and artists can approach them for help and information.

K&C helps people from all walks of life.  These traits form the basis of the rebrand. The new logo is composed of the letters K and C. Its intertwining aspect symbolises the connection and cooperation between and with K&C’s different target audiences. Its abstractness expresses boldness, while the round shapes ensure a friendly appearance. The use of bold colours emphasizes the company’s creativity, and the use of gradients accentuates diversity. The result is a strong logo that appeals to a wide audience.

This new identity truly reflects Kunst & Cultuur as an organisation. We've integrated it into a beautiful​ly redesigned website. What was once a maze is now a user friendly information platform. By analysing content and dividing it into subjects applicable to K&C's different target audiences, we've developed a web structure anyone can find their way around. Navigation is consistent, which prevents visitors from getting lost. That, and giving every category its own color, enables every visitor to find the information he or she needs quickly. If specific help is needed, the contact details of the right person within Kunst & Cultuur are just one click away.

What are you waiting for? Visit kunstencultuur.nl!