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Find it in Fiction

As a researcher at a university, you want to show your work to the world. That is also true for the literary researchers of the University of Amsterdam, the University of Utrecht, and the Open University. They were looking for an aesthetically pleasing, clear way of sharing their knowledge and research results with the world. Especially for these enthusiastic researchers, we’ve developed an online platform on which they can showcase their papers - Find it in Fiction. 

In order to find the right tone for Find it in Fiction, we’ve dived into the world of literature. In the design, you’ll find that several classical elements from literature make an appearance, such as the drop caps at the beginning of a paragraph and the use of a classic serif font. We have purposefully refrained from using a cacophony of colours and images, as is common in literary texts. After all, the text is important, images not so much. Because of the often complex and large amounts of content for a plethora of target audiences, it was an immense challenge to index the website according to UX/UI. We have chosen to focus on the projects rather than the target audiences. For example, related articles can be found only through the projects. This way the website has become functional and clear. 

Find it in Fiction has become a gorgeous platform, via which every literary researcher will be proud to share their work and their knowledge.

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