Christmas Ad


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Feenstra: Christmas Ad

Not at home at Christmas? Feenstra makes sure your house stays safe, even when you’re away from your own dinner table. We were approached by Feenstra to communicate this message in a creative, festive Christmas commercial. 

In the ad, we play on the message “happy holidays” by wishing viewers “safe holidays” instead. This Christmas wish forms the basis for the whole commercial. Through images rather than words, we show the viewer that with nothing more than your mobile phone and the Feenstra security systems, you can keep an eye on your house at all times. The images are supported by a choir, who perform a tailor-made remake of the Christmas classic “Santa Claus is coming to town”. The lyrics were written by our own copywriters, and certainly add to the Christmassy spirit of the video! 

This commercial is in line with the previously developed winter campaign: “I spy with my little eye”. In this campaign we designed transit shelter ads that alert the public to (often invisible) dangers, such as burglars, carbon monoxide poisoning and fire. The result has been a coherent security campaign that we’re actually rather proud of!