Break In-Experience


  • Audience: Homeowners and fanatics
  • Cities visited: 4
  • Candidates: 300+

Feenstra: Break In-Experience

A break-in experience is the opposite of the well-known escape rooms - those rooms you have to escape from within a certain time frame. Together with architects Vector-i, we built a house you have to break into, rather than break out of. With this campaign we wanted to build brand awareness of the house security departments of Feenstra, and make people aware of the dangers of leaving their house open to burglars. 

In the cities of Amersfoort, Groningen, Zwolle and Eindhoven, people were more than ready to put themselves in a burglar’s shoes. Hundreds of people experienced the ease with which an uninvited guest can get into your house, and how annoying it is to be caught out by an alert security system. Opening a wrong door, or letting yourself get caught by police, set off a loud alarm which echoed across the city square. At the end of the game, participants could get a real mug shot of themselves at our photo booth which could instantly be shared on social media. 

Besides breaking into a house, people could also win a three-day city “break”. This campaign was in line the summer campaign “I’m going on a trip, and he takes…” which was aimed at making people aware of leaving their house unguarded during the summer holidays.