6 June 2018

Privacy and
cookie statement

Author: Erik Jaap Dijk

We think it’s important to respect your privacy, which is why we treat your personal data with care. This privacy statement explains how we do that. To ensure it’s not unnecessarily complicated, we’ve attempted to write this statement in understandable language. We like to avoid throwing legal jargon at you. 

Data we collect

Below we explain what data we collect. Collecting this data is necessary to make sure our website is shown correctly, to improve the quality of the site, to increase our conversion rate, and to ensure you can contact us at any time. 

The contact form

First of all, we collect data via our contact form, so we can reach you when you’ve sent us a query. At this point, we store your name, email address and phone number in our system. We also keep general data such as the date and time of when you completed the request form. 


To improve our website, we collect generic data from our visitors in the form of cookies. Cookies are small text files which are placed on your computer when you visit our website. With these cookies we collect information about your use of our website, which we use to improve the site. Don’t worry, cookies cannot harm our damage your computer or any files on your computer.

Google analytics

In order to let us know how you got to our website and how we can improve it, we use analytical cookies from Google Analytics. The stats generated by these cookies are used only for improvement purposes, and to confirm we’re reaching our target audience. This data can be shared with third parties, but only in accordance with this privacy statement (see ‘Use of Data’). 

Google Analytics cookies register the IP-adress of your computer, and collect information about your use of our site, its online applications and its tools. Collected data is stored in the Google servers, in e.g. the United States. 

With this information, Google analyses the use of our website. It lets them provide us with reports and statistics, and it monitors return on investment for advertisers. Google can share this information with third parties when forced to do so legally, or with parties who process data on behalf of Google. We cannot assume any responsibility with regards to this data processing. 

Use of data

Further on we explain how we use the data you’ve provided us with. To give you a little hint here, we use your data only for the purposes we received it for in the first place.


The general visitor data we collect is used to make sure the website is displayed correctly, to keep track of how many people visit our site, to see which pages are visited most often, and to see where our visitors come from. The data you have to enter to send us a request form is only used so we can contact you via phone or email with regards to your queries. 

The personal data we collect and process, we use for in-house purposes only. We do not share this data with any third parties, unless instructed to do so legally (e.g. when the authorities summon us to share the data). 

However, the companies below process information on our behalf, giving them the capability to review any data sent to us via the contact form.

With these third parties we’ve closed a processor agreement. A processor agreement lets third parties pass on information to us, without being allowed to do anything with this information. Because this information is stored on their servers, we’ve agreed that they’re not allowed to use or sell on information to third parties, unless legally instructed to do so.

Contact form

When forwarding our online contact form, we use third party computer systems, such as the servers of Yourhosting BV in Zwolle. This company processes your name, email address, phone number, and IP address. Yourhosting BV does not process information for its own purposes. Feel free to review their privacy statement for more information.


On our website, you can subscribe to our newsletter. Your email address is only added to our subscription list with your explicit permission. Every email you get from us contains a link, which lets you unsubscribe again. We do not share our subscription list with third parties. 

Our newsletter is sent to you using Airmail and Mailchimp. We collect your name and email address. Emails you receive of us via Airmail or Mailchimp contain so-called web beacons. Web beacons monitor whether an email has been opened or not, and if you’ve clicked on any links within the mail. This information is used for statistical purposes. It is possible that Airmail and Mailchimp use data for their own purposes. Please review their privacy statements for more information:

Airmail Privacy
Mailchimp Privacy

Storage period

We do not store general visitor information for more than a year. The data you have provided us with in order to contact you, is only kept until we’ve established contact with you. Should this initial contact lead to an assignment or cooperation, we will store your information until further contact is no longer required, or until the assignment has been completed and no further assignments are expected.

We keep your data no longer than five years after initial contact, or upon completion of an assignment. We only keep data when there’s reasonable ground to do so. You maintain the right to ask for your data to be discarded. We will honour such a request at all times, unless legally obligated to do otherwise.

Security of data gathered from our website.

To prevent data from being used incorrectly, all data received through the use of our website is encrypted. Encrypting ensures that the data stream between you and the web servers and/or other servers involved, is unreadable and inaccessible to outsiders. 

Insight into data, adjustment and removal of data, and the right to object. Based on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you have the right to gain insight into your personal data and adjust it if you deem that necessary. You can also request we remove all data, or pass this data over to a different party. Furthermore, you have the right to object to our use of your data. You can let us know in writing if you do not want to be approached with information about our products and services. Please send this to: info@publiek.com.

At the bottom of this statement you will find how you can contact us. In order to verify your identity, we ask you for your IP-address and a copy of your proof of identity (ID-card, passport of driver’s license). We advice you to black out your identity number and pass photo, and to let us know these are copies for our use only.


Should you have complaints regarding your personal data and the way we collect, process, share and save this data, you can give us a ring or send us an email at any time. Your complaint will be dealt with as quickly as possible, but at least within 14 days.

You can also file your complaint with the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (Authority for Personal Data). This is the Dutch supervising institution guarding all privacy regulations (www.autoriteitpersoonsgegevens.nl). They do not handle any personal complaints, but they can start an investigation following your complaint. 

Adjustments privacy statement.

We can change our privacy statement at any given time. If we do so, we will announce this on our website. Older versions of our privacy statement are filed away in our archives. Should you want to consult this, please feel free to email. 

Our contact details

Phone: 088 166 3100
Email: info@publiek.com

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