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An assignment and a target group, it doesn’t take more for Jil to produce a creative design. She’s also a true strategist so you can rest assured that every design has been well thought out.

+31 (0)881663116

design, concept, strategy

van den Hoven

Administrative Employee

Alex is the silent force behind Publiek. He comes in once week to process our invoices and straighten out the administration.

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admin, life lessons


interaction designer

Wilco is the executive force behind our work. He knows everything there is to know about print and web, and comes up with designs that suit our customers very well.

+31 (0) 881663118

UX/UI, print, design


Front-end Developer

Robert is extremely capable of turning any design that’s delivered by one of our designers, into a well-functioning, user friendly website.

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web, design, HTML, CSS, Wordpress

van Aalten

Junior designer

Dominique does all kinds of things within the development of a brand or website. From designing visual elements and building interactive prototypes to photographing products and writing texts.

design, UX/UI, DTP, social media


Communication strategist

Ellen is curious about you, your company and the goals you have in mind. She translates your ambitions into a strong, strategic approach and distinctive marketing communications.

+31 (0) 881663114

strategy, online marketing, design, projectmanagement

Erik Jaap

Brand Strategist, Project Manager

Erik is not only the owner of Publiek, he’s also an excellent brand strategist. He gets to know his customers’ audience, and think up campaigns that fit them well.

+31 (0) 881663111

concept, strategy, entrepreneur, bon vivant

Fenna van der

Junior designer

Fenna is one of our designers who uses her creativity to create the most beautiful websites. As a content strategist to be, she focuses on the growth of our online channels.

design, DTP, social media, online marketing, UX/UI


Front-end developer

Nikki develops new websites and, together with Robert, carries out maintenance work on existing websites.

+31 (0) 881663100

HTML, CSS, Drupal, Wordpress, gaming